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tuesday’s find

May 17, 2011

Instant office for less than $1000. Cute!

The sawhorse desk from West Elm $199

Tufted Chair from Home Decorators $349

Coral lamp form Stray Dog at West Elm $149

Framed cork board from Pottery Barn $149.00


tray for paper clips $39 from Furbish 

Scratch pad in lucite tray Furbish $18

set of 3 galvanized buckets for pens and pencils from Pottery Barn $15

vintage phone from Pottery Barn $79

a desk

February 2, 2011

Vanity Fair profiled some famous desks of big shots in the entertainment world. I thought it was fun and interesting typically their desk is not what you would think it would be. What’s your desk look like?  Mine unfortunately is NOT it a picture worthy state…maybe tomoorrow!

Oh Martha, yours isn’t nearly as big as I thought it might be. But of course it’s perfectly organized

Lorne Micheals is full of nostalgic items and steps from it all.

Well Oprah’s is actually pretty much like you would think it to be, tidy and ful of very expensive things I’m sure.

Here a few good desk ideas for you.

images via House Beautiful

pretty please

October 7, 2010

I love it. The rug, the trunk, the pillows. I love it all. Oh and for the record I’m off yellow and on to orange. Ha!

via Travel for Design

before and after

June 30, 2010

Love this dramatic office redo from CocoCozy. It’s amazing how much you can shed the light on a dungeon of a space. New drywall can work wonders just about anywhere!  Who wouldn’t want to work in this light bright space. I have been doing a little office renovating myself and I’ll reveal some pictures when I’m done. Do you have some pictures of a before and after you have done? Send me some pictures I would love to feature you on a Wednesday!

dark dark dark Before

is this the same place? I love the art arrangment

I also think the pink pig is hilarious

The simple desk is a great feature as well.

before & after

June 16, 2010

Love this makeover I spied over at ish and chi Black Paint?? Oh but it works. Make sure you have a good natural light source so you don’t end up with a cave like room (unless that’s your desired effect)  This room now sings with the architectural detail of the ceilings and floors.  I would be inspired to get some work done here instead of the boring blandness it was before.