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Room of the Week 6.6.12

June 6, 2012

Do I even need to comment on how amazing this room is? Well I guess I will anyways. Seriously purple walls? You have to have some serious courage to pull of purple walls. ( I have purple walls somewhere in my house ha!) The detail on the drapes and sofa nailhead just take the room to a new level. This is what a room looks like when you have a boat load of cash to decorate. Love it! Someday….

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pretty purple

March 4, 2010

And no that’s not your eighties leg warmer version of it. Or neon purple that you begged your mom to paint your room when you were a kid.  It’s a beautiful violet with lots of blue undertones or almost a hint of pink.  Think lilacs, plums and lavender.  I keep seeing this color in design lately.  From fabric to accessories it is making its way onto the scene in a big way.  Just lovely.  hmmm it’s making me think what do I need in purple.

Just a hint of it paired with navy blue.

I love the contrast with orange

images: Elle Decor via Aesthetic Oiseau,  Hilary Thomas Designs, Renovation Style via Elements of Style, Kelly Wearstler, Absolutely Beautiful Things, Pink Wallpaper, Coco and Kelly, Peacock Feathers, Little Green Notebook