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A Trunk

October 3, 2012

Using a trunk as a coffee table is a great way to add storage to a living space for things that you may not use on a regular basis. Trunks come in all shapes, sizes and finishes. You can also find them everywhere from Restoration Hardware to Goodwill I think they can add a great statement to the center of your room. I’m torn between the rustic throw your muddy boots on then to the sleek leucite version. What do you like?

Upcycle it.

May 14, 2010

Have you heard this term lately?  “Upcycling” as it relates to interior design it is reinventing and reusing old furniture/items and turning it into something that works in today’s interiors.  It’s a great way to save money, save the earth and save your relationship with your mom because you will put all those hand me downs to good use. Her are a few of my favorite upcycled projects.

Old dresser upcycled as a vanity. This is such a great use of an old dresser and so easy too.  Buy a counter top, sink, faucet , you or in my case your contractor reworks the interior a bit and voila! You could use an old table too.

An upcycled chair is one of my favorite things! You can can chairs for pennies on Craigslist and they come in so many funky shapes. Don’t look at the fabric, look at the shape. Remember an upholsterer can work wonders! Turning a loose back cushion chair into a tight back it one of my favorite tricks. It makes it modern instantly.

You know this baby was covered in some sort of avocado green pleather

Upcycled art work. Oh the possibilities are endless here. Think of a the thousands fo things we throw away and if reconfigured they could become something totally new.  This chandelier was done by an artist and it’s made of old eyeglasses. It’s stunning! If you are thinking more DIY get some shadow boxes and cut newspapers, plastic bottles or cardboard boxes in an interesting way. A little glue maybe some paint? Could be cool.

Industrial waste upcycled to furniture. This is so hot in design right now.  And I love it.  You would probably be amazed at the amount of industrial waste in our world today and I’m glad someone is thinking about it. This old cart turned settee is a pretty and practical. Not to mention the cushion is made from old grain sacks. Industrial chic is the new shabby chic.

Send me pics of your upcycled treasures!

Dresser/vanity via Moth, Chair via isuwannee, chandelier via here, Settee Stephanie Lloyd