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Yellow and Grey

June 13, 2012

I’m pulling together such a fun Yellow and Grey scheme for my back yard. Super excited! Also have a meeting today to take the next step to on the  hard surfaces. I’ll make sure I share the “afters” with you!

I’m sorry I’m addicted

September 15, 2011

to yellow and turquoise.




back to blogging

May 31, 2011

Sorry  I missed you all last week I needed a little blogging break to smell the roses, play with my girls and catch up on stuff. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got a little time in the sun. It was a bit chilly for swimming here but I ran the girls to the pool yesterday afternoon and they were popsicle by the time we left. I am really excited for summer to start I’m just hoping it warms up!!

images here

red, yellow and blue oh my!

February 4, 2011

Pretty Red, Yellow and Blue Rooms collaborated by the always brilliant Sarah Richardson and brother Theo Richardson from the Toronto Interior Design Show. A wonderful dose of color to stave off your winter doldrums. I love the idea of creating a room committed to one color. Happy Weekend!

Love the multi patterened captains chairs

images via Moth Design

Lonny Lonny Lonny

January 13, 2011

Yes if you didn’t already know the issue is out

here Lonny Jan/Feb

If once a month isn’t enough check their blog here Lonny Blog

Shop some goodies on Esty here The Lonny Shop

And my favorite favorite colors right now through out this issue. Can you guess what they are?

This is the color of my office. I'm just crazy about it.